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Cheers : Cheers Wine of the Month August Gazela Vinho Verde

Posted by Phil on 2013/7/29 10:49:09 (699 reads) News by the same author

Cheers Wine of the Month August
Gazela Vinho Verde
Only $4.99*
*sorry no further discounts
Gazela Vinho Verde
Grape: Alvarinho
Region: Douro Valley, Portugal
Vinho verde, or "green wine," is made from grapes grown on vines that crawl up trees, poles and high fences. It is a “super summer sipper”. It can be made with two grape varietals: the alvarinho, which is the same as the albarino grown in Spain and Portugal, and the loureiro. When it comes to vinho verde, we want that classic crisp and almost fizzy characteristic for drinking well-chilled to quench our thirst. This example of vinho verde from Gazela will take care of that. At this low price, it is especially attractive. It's drinkable by the glass, as an aperitif or with a light meal. Perfect with seafood!
In the glass: Gazela Vinho Verde is an almost glass-clear color with a light hint of a greenish tinge, star-bright appearance and clean core, going out into a slightly fizzy, colorless rim definition with medium viscosity.
On the nose: There are fresh, lively and zippy honeyed notes of winter melon, freshly cut zucchini, giant gourd, cucumber juice, green apple skins, white flowers and key lime rind.
On the palate: This delightfully light and easy to drink wine is slightly prickly, but has soft, freshly crushed northern gooseberries, white currants, honeydew melon, Granny Smith apple, lime zest, citrus peel and powerful hints of minerals. Going through the midpalate, the wine is very refreshing and finishes with a nice zingy and lively note of lemon drop and apple cider. There is good balance between fruit and acidity, making it highly attractive.

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