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Cheers : List of wine to always have on hand

Posted by Phil on 2016/7/8 14:30:00 (3766 reads) News by the same author

Nothing can be more frustrating than having a meal or occasion pop upand finding yourself without wine. Just as you always have a few “staples” in the pantry, perhaps consider stocking up on a variety of wine so that if something pops up or someone pops over, you are prepared.  Stocking up is also a great way to save at Cheers as we offer case and multi case wine discounts every day of the week.



Here is our list of wines you should always have on hand


Crisp whites

As of this posting we are in the thick of summer with several sweltering weeks ahead. Nothing is nicer than winding down at the end of a hot day with a cool glass of wine. Crisp white selections like Pinot Gris, Vinoh Verde  and sauvignon blanc can be refreshing and light.  Now we hate to be the bearer of bad news but summer isn’t going to last forever, but rest assured these crisp white selections are great to have on hand to accompany a meal or splash in the pan while cooking

Savory Whites

Big savory whites like Chardonnay and viognier are excellent to keep around because they are so versatile. They can be sipped with a crowd or stand up to a big complex meal. A nice selection of savory white wine will have you prepared for whatever may come along


Cheers has worked very diligently to introduce our customers to rosé.  Now that you know how flavorful and refreshing rosé can be in the warmer months, explore their diversity in flavor and richness year round.  Consider keeping a few rose’s around for their food pairing versatility as well as spreading the word about today’s rosé.

Light Reds

Sometimes folks take their red wine too seriously. Light reds like pinot noir, Sangiovese and Tempranillo provide an excellent balance of sip-ability and food friendliness. This makes them great to keep around for grabbing as needed.

Medium-Bodied Reds

Again we don’t want to kill your buzz but as an ant once said to a grasshopper, “summer will end.” The change of season will have you reaching for a fuller more bold red. But let’s not rush out of summer just yet, medium bodied selections like Merlot, Bordeaux blends or Carmenere go great with grilled burgers or BBQ ribs. Grab a handful now and like the ant, you will be prepared for that first evening you drop the rake, grab the sweaters and head to the fire pit.

Sparkling Wine!

Don’t make us say it again… OK we will, you don’t have to be celebrating anything to drink sparkling wine! Keep a few “bubblies” like prosecco, Champagne or Asti on hand if for no other reason than to pop one open when guests stop by. When they ask, “what are we celebrating?”  You can carry the message!


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