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Cheers : Cheers Staff Review Jen's Apple After Dinner Sipper

Posted by Phil on 2010/12/2 15:32:21 (1203 reads) News by the same author

Berentzen Pear Schnapps Review

Jennifer T.(Chanhassen Store)


            I wanted to bring something new to Thanksgiving this year.  I was looking for a light, sweet after-dinner drink and got what I was hoping for with the Berentzen Pear schnapps. 

          Berentzen Pear was a hit with everyone who tried it.  It was a nice addition to the meal, fitting in nicely between the main course and dessert.  Some of my family drank it cold on the rocks while others cut it with a little club soda.  Feedback included comments like: “I don’t usually go for sweet stuff, but this isn’t bad!” and “Actually tastes like real pears.” and “This would be great in a martini!”

I was pleased with this schnapps and would buy it again.  I think it would make a wonderful addition to almost any clear rum or vodka based drink.  It is light, but rich in that it packs a huge taste without being heavy.  The pear flavors are tinged with honey and the overall impression is very sunny.  Another way I’d like to try it is in a mimosa or a belini.  Maybe a pear belini with Berentzen, brut champagne, and a little pear puree or a slice of pear on the rim…Mmmmmmm! I’m thinking about bringing it to a friend’s martini party this weekend!

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