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Tuesday, 16 July 2019
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2016/7/18 15:57:33Steve introduces us to Rosetta...2401
2016/7/8 14:30:00List of wine to always have on hand2630
2016/5/20 10:39:08BBQ & Beer Saturday June 25th!2417
2016/4/25 9:35:20The Votes Have Been Counted, The "Best In Show" Results Are In!2278
2016/3/30 13:20:00Cheers Spring Wine Sale and Tasting Event Previews3041
2016/2/8 12:28:53Preview Of Our Upcoming Wine Tasting, "Explore The Wines Of Italy"3573
2015/12/31 13:00:00Explore The Wines Of Italy Thursday February 18th880
2015/11/13 13:44:04The Votes Have Been Counted, The "Best In Show" Results Are In!913
2015/10/26 12:56:52Preview of Cheers Holiday Wine Tasting Events2251
2015/10/15 10:57:10Save The Dates! Our Holiday Wine Tasting is Just Around The Corner!833
2015/7/6 15:07:33Preview Of The Ladera Wine Tasting Event1172
2015/6/1 13:30:00Calling all California wine enthusiasts, especially Cab lovers!1056
2015/4/7 14:30:00Preview of our evening with fourth generation winemaker Chester Osborn1353
2015/4/1 2:00:00The Results are In! Best in Show Cheers Spring Wine Tasting events!838
2015/3/30 12:00:00Meet Fourth Generation Winemaker Chester Osborn874
2015/3/3 13:20:00Spring Wine Tasting Event Preview2496
2015/2/5 12:37:59Save The Dates! Cheers Spring Wine Tasting Events and 886
2015/2/2 12:00:00Valentine's Day Wine Picks929
2014/12/12 11:52:17Port Primer1740
2014/12/5 12:34:50Cheers Chanhassen Has a New Craft Beer Room!747
2014/11/24 12:50:00Understanding Sparkling Wine Categories917
2014/11/20 11:47:00Modest Vodka Chai Martini Recipe1353
2014/11/7 14:50:00The Results are In! Best in Show Cheers Holiday Wine Tasting events!1182
2014/10/31 3:50:00 Thanksgiving Wine Dinner Pairing Ideas 1334
2014/10/29 11:53:57Holiday Wine Tasting Event Preview2343
2014/10/15 13:06:48Halloween Party Ideas880
2014/9/10 10:10:00Celbrate Oktoberfest at Cheers!713
2014/8/29 14:28:32Cheers is Open Monday!729
2014/8/27 12:40:36Oktoberfest and Pumpkin Beers Have Arrived!766
2014/8/15 11:40:00Join us Sunday September 28th For Pete’s Sake!1278
2014/8/11 13:30:00Late Summer Pairings1157
2014/7/29 8:06:37Check out Cheers Chanhassen's new door!801
2014/7/21 10:24:20Cheers Bloomington's Big Belgian Beer Bash759
2014/7/8 16:12:33Champagne! What are we celebrating? Three sparkling wines to fizz up your summer!1274
2014/7/2 14:40:00Scaring Jeff, a Beer Cooler Horror Film!675
2014/7/2 12:00:00Cheers Open Regular Hours July 4th567
2014/7/1 2:30:00Cheers Beer and Wine of the Month July!668
2014/6/27 12:53:22What's New? Here's Whats New at Cheers!2877
2014/6/23 13:50:006 Fun 4th of July Cocktail Ideas913
2014/6/1 2:30:00Tasting Events June768
2014/5/22 12:14:24Cheers Will be Open Memorial Day!555
2014/3/14 16:20:00Preview of Cheers Spring Wine Tasting Events1207
2014/3/3 15:40:00Events & Tastings at Cheers Chanhassen in March!769
2014/2/28 15:20:00Wine Tasting Event Sileni Wines Cheers Bloomington Thursday March 6th893
2014/2/25 12:11:56Annual Spring wine Tasting Event and Sale!833
2014/2/1 0:10:00Cheers Wine of the Month February Deloach California Pinot Noir761
2014/1/15 14:49:32The Bottom Line on Sulfites in Wine1080
2014/1/2 18:26:57Beer of the Month January656
2014/1/2 12:03:15Cheers Wine of the Month January640
2013/12/19 14:29:23Cheers Holiday Hours766
2013/12/2 9:00:00Cheers Wine of the Month December Carnivor Cab 721
2013/11/20 15:21:13Cheers Will be Closed Thanksgiving November 28th647
2013/11/18 15:00:00Wine Tasting This Thursday 11/21 Cheers Bloomington772
2013/11/11 9:00:00Holiday Wine Tasting Event Preview Chanhassen Thursday November 14th 6-8726
2013/11/1 0:10:00Cheers Wine of the Month November Selections from Castle Rock Winery659
2013/10/31 11:48:12Cheers Chanhassen November Tasting Series767
2013/10/29 15:10:00Holiday Wine Tasting Event Preview Bloomington Thursday November 7th933
2013/10/7 16:21:55Save the Dates! Cheers Annual Holiday WineTasting Events!802
2013/10/1 0:10:00Cheers Wine of the Month October Selections from Cline676
2013/9/27 14:24:41Wine Tastings Every Thursday in October at Cheers Bloomington!852
2013/9/4 12:40:00Save the Date! Beautiful Music Accompanied by Beautiful Wine!!685
2013/9/1 0:10:00Cheers Wine of the Month September: Finca Flichman Roble Malbec807
2013/8/29 15:10:00Bogle Phantom Has Arrived!730
2013/8/27 10:53:25Cheers 4th Annual Oktober fest are coming up!638
2013/8/27 10:51:12Cheers is Open Monday September 2nd Labor Day712
2013/7/29 10:49:09Cheers Wine of the Month August Gazela Vinho Verde683
2013/7/9 15:26:40Garage Sale Time!614
2013/7/2 10:14:47Cheers is Open 4th of July!607
2013/7/1 8:47:02Wine of the Month July 14 Hands Hot to Trot Red614
2013/6/1 0:10:00Wine of the Month June Seaglass Chard and Sauv Blanc662
2013/5/24 10:31:50Cheers is Open Memorial Day!699
2013/5/23 8:57:35Minnesota Beer and Wine Tasting Event!699
2013/5/1 2:10:00Cheers Wine of the Month May Cupcake!650
2013/4/1 2:10:00Wine of the Month April, Toasted Head Chardonnay786
2013/3/11 14:27:58St. Patricks Celebrations at Cheers!937
2013/3/7 12:20:00Cheers Spring Wine Tasting Event Previews!1061
2013/3/1 2:10:00Cheers Wine of the Month March McManis736
2013/2/20 15:07:21Budweiser Black Crown Tasting Friday March 1st!861
2013/2/1 2:10:00Wine of the Month February Santa Rita 120 All Types!1152
2013/1/29 9:49:23Props to PROP!686
2013/1/1 2:10:00Cheers Wine of the Month January676
2012/12/1 2:10:00Cheers Wine of the month December Goode Times for the Holidays!1307
2012/11/14 11:52:44Two Gingers Whiskey Tasting Wednesday November 21st 4:00-7:001959
2012/11/1 2:10:00Cheers Wine of the Month November Katherine Goldscmidt Cabernet776
2012/10/31 10:44:04Preview Cheers Chanhassen Holiday Wine Tasting Thursday, November 8th 6-8pm2254
2012/10/24 14:25:39Cheers Holiday Wine Tasting Preview BLOOMINGTON Thursday November 1st 2012874
2012/10/1 12:05:00Cheers Annual Wine Tasting events! Save the Dates!730
2012/10/1 2:10:00Wine of the Month October selections from Cline1552
2012/9/1 2:10:00Cheers Wine Of The Month September Sterling Napa Cabernet 806
2012/8/21 12:10:00New and Exciting Red Wine Selections!813
2012/8/9 18:10:00Pass me a Beer!791
2012/8/1 2:10:00Cheers Wine of the Month August: Bogle Chardonnay and Merlot!779
2012/7/20 13:30:00Zoe's Lemonade available THIS WEEKEND ONLY!752
2012/7/16 19:00:00Third Thursday Tasting July 19th!.. ROSCATO!4466
2012/7/2 8:29:38Cheers Wine of the Month July flipflop!1075
2012/6/12 15:00:21Schells Beer Sampling This Friday at Both Cheers Locations!924
2012/6/1 2:10:00Cheers Wine of the Month June, Hess Select Sauvingnon Blanc974
2012/5/1 10:05:23Cheers Wine of the Month May Columbia Crest "H3" Les Chevaux Red Blend1263
2012/4/11 10:30:01Cheers Welcomes Two Very Special Guests!1871
2012/4/3 12:30:00Two Tastings This Week!1415
2012/4/3 12:20:00Cheers Beer of the Month April, SHOCK TOP!6321
2012/4/2 10:57:36Cheers Wine of the Month April Castle Rock California Cuvee1810
2012/3/13 14:20:00Taste Bud light Platinum this Friday at Cheers Bloomington1184
2012/3/13 14:15:29Jameson Tasting Thursday March 16th at Cheers Bloomington1575
2012/3/8 15:26:06Cheers' Spring Wine Tasting Event Preview1319
2012/3/7 13:50:21Irish Beer tasting Friday March 9th BLOOMINGTON2679
2012/2/29 14:06:37Wine of the Month March, Two selections from Matchbook1059
2012/2/27 15:33:33Wine Review Joel Gott CHardonnay1168
2012/2/17 11:40:06Spring Wine Tasting Event Save the Dates!1085
2012/2/6 12:30:00Beer Tasting and Art Show Event Friday March 2nd!1255
2012/2/1 14:10:00Cheers Wine of the month February, Mason Cellars Pomello and Three Pears1242
2012/1/5 14:20:00Cheers Wine of the Month January, DYNAMITE1402
2011/12/1 13:40:00Cheers Wine of the Month December, Selections from Cline Cellars2572
2011/11/7 10:40:00Chanhassen Holiday Wine Tastingpreview1428
2011/10/26 12:00:00Holiday Wine Tasting Preview 2011!2851
2011/10/7 12:50:00New from Cline "Cline Cool Climate Chardonnay"1424
2011/10/1 2:10:00Cheers Wine of the Month CABERNET DAYS!2962
2011/9/14 10:20:58Bogle "Phantom" is here!3328
2011/9/1 2:10:00Wine of the Month September, CUPCAKE!4899
2011/9/1 2:10:00Cheers Beer of the Month September, Sierra Nevada 12 packs! only $11.992022
2011/8/24 13:17:18Cheers Annual Fall Wine Tasting Event and Sale!1893
2011/8/10 12:02:06Rogue Brewery Tour1160
2011/8/10 11:49:57Avery Brewing Company1159
2011/8/3 12:23:52Cheers Third Thursday Wine Tasting Series August872
2011/8/3 11:57:49Wine of the Month August Sonoma Cutrer Sonoma Coast Chardonnay2309
2011/8/3 9:50:00BRATS N BEER mmmmmmmmm846
2011/8/1 2:20:00Beer of the Month August Leinenkugel's Craft Beer 12-Packs6668
2011/7/22 10:44:32OUCH...1024
2011/7/20 11:00:00Great Beer Resource!926
2011/7/14 15:30:00Newcastle Beer tasting this Saturday July 16th!1647
2011/7/14 11:55:18Third Thusday Wine Tasting this ThursdayJuly 14th!1026
2011/7/10 22:40:00Belgian Beer Tastings July 22nd!1057
2011/7/7 20:54:39Wine of the Month July Santa Rita 1201051
2011/7/7 20:25:48Cheers Beer of the month July This Bud's for YOU!1046
2011/7/6 15:30:00SANTA RITA 120 from Chile on sale this weekend!1411
2011/7/1 2:10:00Wine of the Month JULY, Santa Rita 120 great wine greater price!1466
2011/6/29 16:32:52Cheers OPEN limited hours monday July 4th940
2011/6/29 11:20:00In a White Wine Rut? Try Verdejo from Spain!861
2011/6/29 10:30:00Fourth of July Cocktail Recipes947
2011/6/13 12:03:35Third Thusday Wine Tasting this ThursdayJune 16th!936
2011/6/1 2:20:00Beer of the month June Sam Adams958
2011/6/1 2:10:00Cheers Wine of the month June, Clos du Bois2013
2011/5/18 10:36:45Check out the "BUDOMETER" 2818
2011/4/29 12:50:00Third Thursday Tasting Series961
2011/4/27 12:47:12Meet Rollin Soles988
2011/4/27 11:50:00GARAGE SALE!947
2011/4/20 12:28:56Cheers Bloomington's Spring Wine Tasting Video!1194
2011/4/20 12:08:30Preview of Cheers Chanhassen wine Tasting event1103
2011/4/6 15:30:00TEQUILA!1154
2011/3/30 12:55:34Bloomington Wine Tasting Preview!1238
2011/3/30 11:31:20Remember, Wine tastings are coming up!974
2011/3/23 13:00:54A little shout out to Moscoto...945
2011/3/23 12:06:25Putting a Little More Cheer in Chanhassen740
2011/3/16 11:10:00Chill! seriously, just Chill!833
2011/3/16 10:20:00Sandra M. has a question...975
2011/3/16 10:10:00"Off Dry" is What now?867
2011/3/4 9:40:54Ron had a request...1031
2011/3/2 12:19:53Cheers Spring Wine Tasting Event1276
2011/3/2 10:50:00Guinness, Harp, Smithwicks tasting this Friday in Bloomington4159
2011/2/23 11:40:00Get Surly!1019
2011/2/23 10:10:00Que, Syrah, Shiraz...1036
2011/2/16 13:30:00Our first Video attempt...1006
2011/2/14 13:40:00A Very Merry Rumchata Christmas6506
2011/2/11 12:50:00It was a Dark and Stormy Weekend...1092
2011/2/11 12:10:00Wine Review Phil Altovinum Evodia Garnacha from Spain2820
2011/1/20 9:00:00Bells Hopslam is here!1129
2011/1/17 9:21:47Cheers Staff Review Tyler Appelton Estate VX Rum1142
2011/1/12 10:10:00Customer recommendation, thanks Victol and Linda!1275
2011/1/10 13:30:00Jeff's Wine review, Clos Du Val Cabernet1053
2010/12/2 15:32:21Cheers Staff Review Jen's Apple After Dinner Sipper1209
2010/12/1 14:10:00Old Champagne, REALLY old Champagne1396
2010/12/1 11:50:00Cheers Staff Review Vista 1.01155
2010/11/22 13:20:31Best in Show Chahassen!1003
2010/11/12 13:10:00Cheers Thanksgiving Wine Selections1092
2010/11/11 9:51:10MMMMMMMM BEEEEEER....1024
2010/11/7 4:20:00Best in Show Bloomington!935
2010/11/1 13:01:38Please Log in to see the Preview of Thursday's Wine Tasting!847
2010/10/29 16:10:00Vintage Beer Commercial of the week964
2010/10/22 13:37:08Vintage Beer Commercial of the week882
2010/10/20 12:00:00Trying to get a handle on Chile and Chilean wine?938
2010/10/13 11:20:00Announcing Cheers Holiday Wine Sale and Tasting Event!1041
2010/10/7 15:50:00Glassware1049
2010/10/7 12:55:53Vintage Beer Commercial of the week827
2010/9/16 13:31:55Vintage Beer Commercial of the week750
2010/9/9 12:40:00Third Thursday Tasting is next Week911
2010/9/2 10:33:16Cheers First Annual Oktoberfest Celebration!1426
2010/9/1 9:50:00Two New Spanish Wines1046
2010/8/5 10:30:00End of an era?941
2010/8/4 11:50:00Phil's Pineapple Margarita1031
2010/7/28 12:20:00Third Thursday Update858
2010/7/21 11:40:00Introducing Cheers Wine & Spirits Third Thursday wine tasting events!1052
2010/2/15 15:00:00It's Meritage, not Meritage...1116
2009/10/29 14:10:00Holiday wine tastings are coming up877
2009/6/3 15:25:47Wine Tasting Supporting a good cause!784