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Tuesday, 2 June 2020
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Phil 2011/9/14

Bogle Phantom, Get it Before it Disappears!

Every year Bogle releases this wonderful blend. It is limited so get it while you can because like an apparition, when it’s gone, it’s gone. I have been collecting these over the years, I pick up a couple and drink one right away and lay the other down for a few years. My experience is that when I open them right away the phantom blasts with flavor and tannin, kind of says, “BOO, I’M HERE!” Then after a couple of years, as it ages a bit, its tannins soften and flavors mellow nicely it kind of says woooooo woooooo I’m still heeeeere. Yeah it’s totally a phantom.  

Here are the wine maker notes.



Phantom is back…Bogle’s apparition of fierce berry and sensual spice returnsto tease and tantalize. Notes of juicy boysenberry and black fruit are deepened with aromas of pipe tobacco and black pepper, while subtle hints of clove and vanilla softly envelop the palate. Intense and luscious, the rich character opens to reveal red fruit of spirited cranberries and raspberries. Over two years in 1, 2, and 3 year old America oak capture and concentrate the essence of the three unique varietals, creating yet another vivid and full-bodied red wine, impossible to ignore.

Though the wine is remarkable now, age in the bottle will only integrate these distinct varietals more. Welcome the winery ghost into your home again with this latest vintage, and enjoy with full-flavored and hearty meals…before it vanishes again.

Zinfandel 51% - Petite Sirah 47% - Mourvèdre 2%





Barrel Program

30 months in American oak

Vineyard Source:

Clarksburg, Lodi and Amador

Release Date:

August 15, 2011

Wine pH:


Wine Acidity: