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Sunday, 31 May 2020
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Phil 2010/12/1


As you may have noticed all of our blog postings are submitted by a few folks at Cheers. Well we wanted to open up our blog to the entire staff so we invited everybody to review products from Cheers' vast inventory and submit that review for our blog. Below you will find our first submission from Chris G.
Now, to get the full effect you need to know a few things; everyone at cheers has their REAL name and their Cheers nickname, Chris G. was at one point the third person named Chris at Cheers so we named him “Vista” to alleviate confusion. This way we had “Chris”, “Chris 2.0”, and “Chris Vista”, eventually it got shortened simply to “Vista.” Vistas wife is Mrs. Vista, his kids are the little Vistas… you get the idea. Well for thanksgiving the (adult) Vistas enjoyed a bottle of Argyle reserve Pinot Noir 2007. So here you are, Vista review 1.0:
Here is my first wine review….as someone who typically drinks cheap wine I’m not very good at this, but hopefully I will get better with more practice.

Mrs. Vista and I had a bottle of 2007 Argyle Reserve Pinot Noir. Since I haven’t had much experience tasting good wines, I decided to compare and contrast it to one of the Vistas’ typical house wines (Barefoot Pinot noir, but I won’t tarnish Barefoot’s good name for the purposes of this review). Once I had them side-by-side the differences were remarkably noticeable. Everything about the Argyle was better….the color, the aroma, and especially the taste. Even though I’m not able to necessarily articulate what I liked about the Argyle, it was like night and day next to my house wine. The house wine looked, smelled and tasted cheap and generic, almost like grape juice compared to the better wine; the Argyle had a pretty ruby hue and had a bit of an oaky aroma. We tasted primarily cherries and black cherries; it was slightly spicy but not overpoweringly so. As someone who typically buys with the attitude “the $8 bottle is just as good as the $30 bottle”, I must admit that when given the opportunity to compare the two, it is quite obvious that you get what you pay for, at least in this case.


Phil 2016/10/14