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Sunday, 31 May 2020
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Phil 2011/3/23

Moscato is an old grape that is regaining popularity; if you haven’t yet perhaps give this trend a try. While it is an ancient grape from Italy, named after the Italian word for muscat, it is by no means outdated. Muscat is believed to be one of the oldest varieties of grape in the world. In the past few years wine made from moscato grapes have soared in popularity as wine lovers rediscover this slightly sweet and aromatic variety of wine. It is sweet, light and hinted with citrus flavors; perfect for summer. This wine goes great with fruit desserts, or light and citrus hinted savory foods.

Moscatos are great for people who like a sweet wine without being overpowering. While not a largely produced wine, it is gaining some fans, and thus it is becoming more available. There is a difference between the classic Italian version and the commonly found California produced version. The Italian versions can be still or sparkling, (“Frizzante”) more like sparkling water than champagne. California Moscotos are more often than not still. So if you like sweet and smooth wines that are still light enough for the hot weather of the summer, give moscato a try.