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Sunday, 31 May 2020
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Phil 2015/4/7

Preview Of An Evening With Fourth Generation Winemaker

Chester Osborn

On Thursday,May 14, at 7:00 p.m. Cheers will host fourth-generation Australian winemaker Chester Osborn at JJ’s Coffee Bar and Wine Bistro in Eden Prairie.  The cost for this is only $25.00 per person, which includes a wine tasting, appetizers, tax and gratuity. There are only 40 seats available for this event, so book your spot here today. The evening is a unique opportunity to personally get to know a pioneer in Australian wine making and taste his creations. We will sample eight wines, some of which were exclusively  selected by Chester for this event. You can see a preview of the wines we will taste below.  Chester is not a wall flower, prepare to be entertained.


Here is a video that introduces you to the d’Arnberg family and their vineyard:



Here is a preview of the wine we will taste


The Stump Jump Grenache Shiraz Mourvèdre

Grenache/Shiraz/Mourvèdre - McLaren Vale


The Story Behind The Name

The name ‘Stump Jump’ pays homage to a significant South Australian invention – the Stump Jump plough. As well as clearing the land around McLaren Vale, it was adopted worldwide in the late 19th century because of its ability to ride over stumps and gnarled roots, saving valuable time and energy.

2013 Hermit Crab Viognier Marsanne

McLaren Vale, Viognier (55%) Marsanne (45%)


The Story Behind The Name

Many of McLaren Vale’s vineyards are on free-draining soils underlain with limestone, formed by the calcareous remains of the local marine fauna. One such creature was the Hermit Crab, a reclusive little crustacean that inhabits the cast-off shells of others. The Osborn family thought the name appropriate for this, McLaren Vale’s first ever blend of Viognier and Marsanne. “Hermit” is also an abbreviation for the French appellation of Hermitage, where the Marsanne grape variety dominates.

2010 d'Arry's Original Shiraz Grenache

McLaren Vale Shiraz (50%) Grenache (50%)


The Story Behind The Name

This wine is named in honour of d’Arenberg principal, Francis d’Arenberg Osborn, who is universally known as d’Arry. A lifetime in wine has seen d’Arry recognised as a Winemakers Federation of Australia Patron and a recipient of the Medal of the Order of Australia for his services to the wine industry.

2012 The Custodian Grenache

100% McLaren Vale Grenache


The Story Behind The Name

During the vine pull scheme of the early 1980’s d’Arry Osborn refused to touch his old Grenache vineyards. When his son Chester started in the business as Chief Winemaker in 1984 he set about acquiring  more old vine Grenache grapes and vineyards at a time when it was considered un-fashionable. Today d’Arenberg is the keeper of nearly one third of McLaren Vale’s old bush vine Grenache and has earned the title of ‘Custodian’ of the variety.

2008 AND 2010 The Galvo Garage Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Cabernet Franc Petit Verdot

McLaren Vale (85%) Adelaide Hills (15%) Cabernet Sauvignon (64%), Merlot (16%), Cabernet Franc (10%), Petit Verdot (10%)


The Story Behind The Name

Garagist’ is a French term used to describe producers in Bordeaux that make wine in their garage outside of the strict ‘Appellation Controlee’ system. d’Arenberg wines are all made in a small-batch processing, very hands-on way (or feet, as the reds are all foot-trod) as the garagists’ do. Our reds are all made in the old galvanized garage/shed/winery, hence ‘Galvo’.


2010 The Laughing Magpie Shiraz Viognier

100% McLaren Vale - Shiraz (92%), Viognier (8%)


The Story Behind The Name

The vineyards and bushland that surround the d’Arenberg winery are home to the native Australian bird, the Kookaburra, famous for its distinctive laughing call. Much to the amusement of the family, Chester Osborn’s daughters, Alicia and Ruby, named two wild Kookaburras who regularly visited their house the “Laughing Magpies”. The Magpie plumage is black with a stripe of white feathers and bears no resemblance to its famous cousin, but to this day the name has stuck. The Osborn’s thought the name was a good choice for McLaren Vale’s first ever Shiraz Viognier blend combining the (black) Shiraz and its white partner, Viognier.

Non Vintage DADD Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir Pinot Meunier

52% Chardonnay, 40% Pinot Noir, 8% Pinot Meunier Adelaide Hills


The Story Behind The Name

Since 1912, four generations of the Osborn family has tended the 19th century vineyards at their d'Arenberg winery in McLaren Vale, South Australia. Joseph Osborn purchased the property and vineyard, Frank built the winery and d'Arry created the red stripe adorning each bottle. The current Chief winemaker, Chester Osborn draws inspiration from his Great Grand-Dad, his Grand-Dad and his Dad to make the winery's first sparkling white wine. Their contributions have been so significant he felt they each Dad deserved their own D in the title.


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Phil 2015/3/30

You’re Invited!

Thursday, May 14th, 7:00pm

JJ’S Coffee co. & Wine Bistro

7942 Mitchell Road, Eden Prairie

Meet Fourth Generation Winemaker Chester Osborn


Includes Tax & Gratuity

Only 40 seats available, book your spot today!

Click Here To Book Your Tickets

Cheers Wine & Spirits and Old Bridge Cellars present an evening with fourth generation winemaker Chester Osborn. The evening will feature light appetizers and a tasting of d’Arenberg’s most acclaimed current releases. d’Arenberg has 100 years of winemaking history shared among four generations of the Osborn family who have tended the family’s vineyards and made wines with the distinctive red striped label. One of the undisputed kings of Australian Shiraz and Rhone varietals, d'Arenberg has developed an enviable reputation with its range of idiosyncratic wines that consistently offer value, individuality and a true taste of McLaren Vale, South Australia. Chester is not a wall flower, prepare to be entertained.


This event is by invitation only and space is limited to the first 40 people

Phil 2015/3/3

Spring Wine Tasting Event Preview


Below you will find the preview of this year’s annual Spring wine tasting event and sale to be held:


Thursday March  19th from 6:00- 8:00 p.m. at Cheers Chanhassen


Thursday March 26th  from 6:00-8:00 p.m. at Cheers Bloomington



Cheers entire wine inventory* Will be discounted 15% all day both days at both Cheers locations!

(*excludes closeout items or anything marked no further discount)

The staff at Cheers personally selected these wines. These selections have a focus on spring and summer sipping. We’ve selected some robust reds as well as some whimsical whites, roses, sparklers, and “oddities”.  


We hope to see you on either Thursday March 19th in Chanhassen


Thursday March 26th in Bloomington!

Click on "Read More" below to see the preview

Phil 2015/2/5

Save The Dates!
Cheers Spring Wine Tasting Events and Sale

Cheers will host our annual spring wine tasting events and sale on March 19th and 26th! Check out the details below. We are currently working with our vendors, hand selecting the wine for this fun and informative event. We are focusing on new and exciting additions to Cheers' eclectic collection as well as old favorites, and "off the beaten track" selections that pair with spring. Our vendors will be on hand to discuss, and sample wine from around the world! As always we will be posting a preview of the event at right here at

If you are not yet signed up on Cheers' mailing list, be sure to do that here so we can let you know when the preview is up.

We appreciate your business and we look forward to seeing you at one OR BOTH Tasting events!



March 19th

Wine Tasting Event Cheers Chanhassen 6:00-8:00

Join us at Cheers Chanhassen

530 West 79th Street Chanhassen, MN 55317
Thursday March 19th 6:00-8:00
Tasting event at Cheers Chanhassen only.

Wine sale BOTH LOCATIONS all day!
All Cheers wine* will be discounted 15%
*No additional discounts apply, no discount on clearance items or anything marked “no further discounts”

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March 26th

Wine Tasting Event Cheers Bloomington 6:00-8:00

Join us at Cheers Bloomington

9340 Ensign Ave South Bloomington, MN 55438
Thursday March 26th 6:00-8:00
Tasting event at Cheers Bloomington only.

Wine sale BOTH LOCATIONS all day!
All Cheers wine* will be discounted 15%
*No additional discounts apply, no discount on clearance items or anything marked “no further discounts”

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Phil 2014/11/7

Ladies and Gentlemen We Have Our Winners!

Thursday, November 6th and Thursday November 13th 2014   Cheers hosted  our two annual holiday wine tasting events.  They were very fun evenings with six vendors on hand, each with six wines available to sample. You can see the wines we tasted here. As always, the event was well attended and a good time was had by all. This year we asked our guests to vote on their favorite white and red wines.  They did, and the results are in! Here are the best in show:




As promised, we put all ballots into a bag, shook 'em up and selected our random winners.  The winners receive one bottle each of the best in show wines. Our winners have been contacted, and have picked up thier wines.Thank you to everyone that voted.


Best In Show Bloomington

Best In Show White


This was a close race!

This crisp, lively white wine from northern Italy edged out its closest competitor by three votes. Thank you Aaron Barger from Rootstock Wines for this gem. Ca’ Lojera Laguna is a personal favorite of Cheers' very own Kristi and she was really happy to see it win best of show!

Best In Show Red

It wasn't even close.

Smith & Hook Cabernet Sauvignon ran away with it, receiving 15 more votes than its closest competitor! None of us were very surprised; this has been a Cheers favorite for a long time. Thank you Bill Anderson from Paustis Wine Company for featuring our best of show red.


Best In Show Chanhassen

We had two ties in Chanhassen! Thats right our top red AND top white wines got the exact number of votes! We considered having a "sip off" but instead decided to declare a tie and double the winners!

Best in Show White (s)

Hook and Ladder Gewürztraminer 

An elegant mix of lychee, peach and fig flavors pair up with a crisp structure that is the perfect foil to the slightest note of sweetness.

Centorri Moscato

Pale yellow with a slight frizzante.  Aromas of peaches and pears with a delicate sweetness on the palate.  Bright and fragrant with a honeycomb scented sweetness, this wine is lightly floral with a fine textured and gently creamy mousse from the delicate bubbles.  Great complexity and balance with flavors of apricot on the finish.  Makes a great addition to brunch!

Best in Show Red (s)

Smith & Hook Cabernet

Richly textured on the palate, this wine’s robust tannins provide a frame for black cherry flavors and spicy notes of vanilla and cloves.

Black Ink Red Wine

Black Ink is a blend featuring flavors of juicy blackberry, smoky licorice, with a hint of spice.


Thank you again and we look forward to seeing you soon.


Phil 2014/10/29

Below you will find the preview of this year’s annual Holiday wine tasting event and sale to be held Thursday November 6th from 6:00- 8:00 p.m. at Cheers Bloomington, and Thursday November 13th from 6:00-8:00 p.m. at Cheers Chanhassen



Cheers entire wine inventory* Will be discounted 15% all day both days at both Cheers locations!

(*excludes closeout items or anything marked no further discount)

The staff at Cheers personally selected these wines; they are a combination of some new and exciting discoveries that have been recently added to Cheers’ vast selection, as well as some old favorites. These selections have a focus on holiday meals and entertaining. We’ve selected some robust reds as well as some whimsical whites, roses, sparklers, and “oddities”.  We hope to see you on either Thursday November 6th in Bloomington or Thursday November 13th in Chanhassen!


Here's the Preview For the Bloomington event:

Thursday November 6th 2014, 6:00-8:00 Cheers Bloomington

Rolf Moe from New France Wines will be pouring the following selections

Feudi de Romans Pinot Grigio

Handpicked estate fruit from one of the best regions in the world for this grape

Pacific Peak Dry Riesling

Truly dry Washington Riesling that kills with any spicy food.

Saurine Rose

Strawberry fruit, good acidity, and a dry finish. Southern French value.

Sori di Mori 

Unpacked Barbera from Piedmont that is all about purity of fruit.

Anarkos Red

Primitivo based blend with dark almost sweet tones. 

Shannon cab

Big bold Lake County Cab at a bargain. Organic and sustainable agriculture.

Bill Anderson from Paustis Wine Company will feature the following selections

Au Contraire Chardonnay

 Pronounced lemon citrus core with tree fruits of pear and crisp apple lined with a floral note of jasmine.

Smith & Hook Cabernet

Richly textured on the palate, this wine’s robust tannins provide a frame for black cherry flavors and spicy notes of vanilla and cloves.

Amado Sur Chardonnay

 Lush, sun ripened pear with notes of tropical fruits like pineapple, white peach and apricot.

Santa Rita Secret Reserve

This red blend has aromas of red fruits such as plums, cherries, and raspberries which are complemented by elegant and subtle notes of violets, vanilla, cloves and a touch of cocoa.

Banfi Chianti Superiore

An intense ruby red wine with fruit-forward aromas and floral notes.


Aaron Barger from Rootstock Wines will feature the following selections

Primaterra Pinot Grigio

A well balanced, crisp, fresh, very lively fruity wine showing hints of apples and fresh flowers on the palate and a very clean, medium lasting soft finish.

Ca Lojera Lugana

An unoaked full, melon,citrusy, off-dry wine balanced by an intriguing salinity and finish. Ca Lojera Lugana hails from Northern Italy and is one not miss.

Unoaked, stainless steel fermentation, 100% Trebbiano di Lugana/Verdicchio

Haut Rian Bordeaux Blanc

Haut Rian Blanc is a fantastic example of the style, with great aromatics of hay and fresh lemon zest. On the palette, a dry, zesty wonderfully balanced citrus acidity gives way to a pleasant, lingering mineral finish.

Unoaked, stainless steel fermentation, 65% Semillon 35% Sauvignon Blanc

Matello Lazarus Pinot Noir

An elegant, Willamette Valley, Oregon Pinot Noir. This wine has an herbacious and earthy aroma, with bright red fruit flavors of cherry and fresh raspberry.  A fantastic Pinot Noir that should drink well for years to come. Only 500 cases produced this Vintage.

L'agnostique Rouge

A fresh, fruit forward blend from Languedoc, this wine is a blend of two french varietals seldom combined, Gamay (of Beaujolais Fame) and Syrah. Silky and a hint spicy, this is a versatile crowd pleasing red.

Primaterra Sangiovese

True to variety with Sangiovese’s signtature cherry aromas, pronounced yet balanced acidity. The finish is clean and quite gentle with a lovely lingering note of spice.

Eamon Dillon of Southern Wine & Spirits Wine Division will feature the following selections

Erath Pinot Noir. 

The "Oregon" Pinot Noir is the cornerstone of the Erath wine portfolio. A blend of different vineyard sites in Oregon, this wine is a fruit forward, ready-to-drink style of Pinot Noir designed to highlight the variety's best characteristics.

Chateau Ste Michelle Riesling Harvest Select

Offers beautiful crisp Washington Riesling character with rich flavors of ripe peaches. This wine is like a bowl of fruit in a glass! The fresh fruit and decadent character is balanced with crisp acidity to keep the wine in harmony. This is a perfect patio sipping wine or would be a great match with Thai food.

Charles Krug Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc

90pts Wine Enthusiast.  “A classic Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc, buzzing in margarita-ready lime, grapefruit pith and sweet jasmine, with a nuance of grassy underbrush. Creamy in vanilla-bean flavor on the midpalate, it finishes dry and crisp.”

Chateau St. Jean Bijou Chardonnay

The wine is driven by a core of forward fruit flavors; peach, pineapple and passion fruit hold center stage with nuances of French oak

Jacobs Creek Reserve Shiraz

Full depth crimson red. A lifted nose with ripe, concentrated blackberry and fruitcake aromas, hints of chocolate, black pepper and spice, seasoned with a sprinkling of nicely integrated sweet vanillin oak.

Sandeman Founders Port

Intense ruby red color, brilliant and clean. Rich red fruit aromas with a touch of age create an elegant reflection of powerful flavors, the fruit and fire characteristic of young classic Porto balanced with the finesse of age.

Mark Nordstrom from The Wine Company will feature the following selections

Graziano Chenin Blanc 

Aromas show peaches and pear, a rich creamy feel on the palate, pairs with seafood and grilled chicken

 Elsa Torrontes

Complex nose of grapefruit, spice and orange blossom, in the mouth you get crisp, refreshing flavors similar to the aromas, a bright, lingering finish

Monte Volpe Primo Rosso

 A blend of Italian grapes from Mendocino County, fruity aromas of plums and spice, rich full flavors that show hints of toasty oak, pairs with pasta, pork, and lamb chops

Cline “Sonoma Coast” Merlot

Dark rich fruity aromas, this wine has great balance and structure, flavors of black cherry and coffee, finishes with some herbal spiciness, match with grilled steak or teriyaki chicken

3 Rings Shiraz

 Purple-black color, the nose is dark fruit and a hint of cedar and tobacco, the palate shows some black olive, anise, and black fruit, a very long finish, great steak wine

La Vieille Ferme Rose

Pale pink in color, the nose shows rose petals and citrus fruit, flavors of bright strawberry with a hint of grapefruit, pairs with tomato salads and a great match with ham

Derek Lindquist of Wine Merchants will feature the following selections

A to Z Chardonnay Oregon  

Opens with bright fruit like kiwi and tangerine, pear and stone fruits then deepens to richer aromas of honey toast, rose and wet stones.  Palate is juicy and round with well-balanced freshness, minerality and structure. Zesty, crisp, and clean finish.

Hanna Sauvignon Blanc Russian River Valley  

Vibrant aromas of Guava, Rangpur lime and mineral aromas evolve into ripe Passion Fruit.  In the mouth it is juicy yet crisp, with grapefruit, stone fruit, and guava flavors, and a spicy ginger finish.

Astoria Prosecco Italy

Very fine and persistent bubbles with straw yellow and greenish reflections. The floral aromas, with generous amounts of pear and Golden Delicious apple accents, linger on the harmonious and creamy palate

Villa Cafaggio Chianti Classico Italy

 Rich and full bodied with ruby red color.  Intense fruity aroma with notes of spicy cloves and a wonderfully refined black cherry and plum fruitiness on the finish

Guenoc Cabernet California

 Classic red and black cherry are surrounded by cushiony tannins.  Finishes with a whisper of vanilla oak.

Trapiche Broquel Malbec Argentina  

Intense purple red color with ruby hues.  Aromas of fresh red and black fruits, floral notes, earthy minerals, with an elegant touch of smoke.  Rich and spicy on the finish.

Here's the Preview For the Chanhassen Event:

Thursday November 13th 2014 Cheers Chanhassen

Jon Pojar from Johnson Brothers will feature the following selections

Wild Horse Cabernet

Aroma: Dark Cherry, vanilla and cocoa with hints of sage.

Taste:  Dark cherry, currants and chocolate.

Pair with: Beef ribs, steak, pasta with red sauce.

Dreaming Tree Chardonnay

Aroma: Crisp fresh citrus, honey and peach.

Taste:  Roasted pear, baked apple fruit with brown spices.

Pair with:  Cream sauce pasta, baked salmon, mushrooms.

Estancia Merlot

Aroma:  Dark fruit, blueberry pie, blackberry and mocha.

Taste:  Black fruit, Bing cherries, toasty vanilla.

Pair with:  Smoked salmon, poultry, goat cheese.

Jailbreak Malbec

Aroma:  Violet and raspberry with hints of nutmeg and cherry.

Taste:  Ripe blackberries and spice.

Pair with:  Beef, Pork, BBQ, pasta with red sauce.

Jailbreak Pinot Grigio

Aroma:  Citrus, pear and grapefruit.

Taste:  Melon, orange blossom and lemon.

Pair with:  Seafood, tuna, pork.

Ruffino Prosecco

Aroma:  Clean notes of citrus, pears and apples.

Taste:  Fine Bubbles caress the palate with flavors of apples and peaches.

Pair with:  Pizza, fish, white meat dishes.


Bill Anderson from Paustis Wine Company will feature the following selections

Smith & Hook Cabernet

Richly textured on the palate, this wine’s robust tannins provide a frame for black cherry flavors and spicy notes of vanilla and cloves.

Wente Morning Fog Chardonnay

Enjoy aromas and flavors of green apple and tropical fruits, balanced by subtle oak, cinnamon and vanilla from barrel aging.

Trivento Cab/Malbec Blend

Deep ruby red in color with powerful plum and red fruit aromas upfront which combine harmoniously with hints of vanilla from the oak aging.

Banfi Centine

 Intense ruby red in color, medium bodied with black cherry and plum flavors and hints of spice.

Zaccagnini Pinot Grigio

Fragrant and fresh with well-balanced flavors and a crisp and elegant finish.


Forefathers Sauvignon Blanc

Light, crisp and refreshing with lemon, peach, and grassy notes in the nose and ripe tropical flavors on the palate.

Dave Richardson from Phillips Wine & Spirits will feature the following selections

Markham Merlot, Napa Valley

Wonderful flavors of black cherry, plum, and cassis, balanced with a hint of oak.

Joel Gott Sauvignon Blanc, California

Bursting with lemon and lime notes.  Tropical aromas of pineapple and guava.  Excellent minerality and balanced acidity. 

Chloe Red No 249, North Coast California

Created from tasting 249 wine lots to achieve just the right intensity of flavor.  Espresso, dark fruits and spice deliver a rich, balanced flavor.

Conquista Oak Cask Malbec, Argentina

Aromas of plum and dark cherry fruit.  Layers of cocoa and smoke.

Seaglass Riesling, Monterey County

Floral aromas, rich flavors of juicy peaches, with a hint of honeysuckle.  Lingering off-dry finish.

Joel Gott Chardonnay, Northern California

Unoaked, crisp, and flavorful.  Grapefruit nose, with an ultra clean finish.

Jon Olson  from Tradition Wine & Spirits will feature the following selections

Illahe Pinot Gris, Oregon

Aromas of preserved lemon and kefir lime open to a steely minerality and stone fruit under currents.  Succulent with streamlined acidity that seamlessly carries the flavor from the front of the palate to the back.  This wine has a verve and tension that creates a mouthwatering sensation begging for another sip.

One Last Kiss, California

Made in a full-bodied style with mouth watering balance, the wine is full of spicy cloves and blackberry fruit. This is a wine that will go well with a cigar on a summer evening. It will also go well with pastas or barbequed dishes.

Montevicor Cava, Spain

70% Chardonnay & 30% Macabeo, this wine hailing from Calatayud is a pale yellow color, crystalline with bright hues. Its froth is elegant and permanent.  In the nose, beautiful fruit aromas with leesy characters.  In the palate the carbonic from the second fermentation is perfectly integrated into the mouth, being soft and well balanced. This outstanding Cava is a great match for fish, shell fish and white meat.

Nightfall Pinot Noir, California

This lighter-bodied Lodi Pinot is very fragrant with discernible and appealing fruit including cherry and currants.

Gambellara Soave I Basalti, Italy

The color is a brilliant straw yellow with fresh fruit perfumes, especially apple and pear, and floral notes such as elder and bloom.  The taste is fresh and light, with a very interesting acidity.  There is an important presence of mineral salts due to the volcanic origin of the soil.

Modest Vodka, Wisconsin

Handmade, distilled from 100% corn in a copper still, each batch created the “heads” and the “tails" are removed, leaving the “heart” containing the highest levels of purity, which not only taste better, but helps you avoid impurity induced headaches. 

Jason Helseth from Vinocopia will feature the following selections 

Piattelli Torrontes

With cool nights at 5500 feet elevation, this wine shows floral notes of lavender, honey suckle, and rose petals on the nose.    Completely dry, but soft and elegant on the finish.

Hook and Ladder Gewürztraminer 

An elegant mix of lychee, peach and fig flavors pair up with a crisp structure that is the perfect foil to the slightest note of sweetness.

Deloach California Pinot Noir

The California Pinot Noir is an elegant, well balanced wine offering mouth watering flavors of cherry and cranberry accented beautifully with just a touch of spice.


Lyeth, Fleur de Lyeth

A blend of Cabernet Franc, Merlot and other Bordeaux varietals, this wine provides harmony and balance.   The wine coats the palate with rich flavors of blueberry and plum accented by subtle red fruit notes of strawberry and Bing cherry.

Hook and Ladder Cabernet

Aromas of cassis, black currant, leather and pipe tobacco leads into a mix of dark fruit flavors with prominent sweet herb, mint and mocha.

Tippy Cow Vanilla and Mint

The most interesting and unique creams created, from the makers of Rum Chata, using real cream from Wisconsin.

Andrew Hardgrove  from Wirtz Beverage will feature the following selections

Black Ink Red Wine

Black Ink is an ode to fantasy through the arts, portraying elegance with an edge. In a celebration of decadence, juicy blackberry cobbler meets smoky licorice with a hint of spice. The capsule is marked with the allusive squid in a nod to the deep dark red hues within the bottle.

King Estate Pinot Gris

Our Pinot Gris style emphasizes fruit forward aromas boasting citrus and tropical fruits, without excess residual sugar levels. This wine is designed to drink exceptionally well both on its own and when paired with food.


King Estate Pinot Noir

Rich ruby color.  On the nose, aromas of black cherry, beet root, cinnamon, cigar box, caramel, oak, leather, plum, strawberry, and forest floor. On the palate, flavors of tobacco leaf, black pepper, plum, toasted oak, clove, cinnamon, leather, mushroom, and strawberry.   A complex, elegant, and balanced wine with round tannins and mellow acidity.

Rodney Strong Sonoma County Merlot

Plum and blueberry flavors with a touch of dried herb predominate in this soft, rich, mouth filling Merlot, and are enhanced by aging in small oak barrels for a toasty, spicy vanilla character, and a lingering berry-cream finish.  Drink this satisfying Merlot over the next two to four years.

Louis Jadot Beaujolais Villages

Fresh red fruits on the nose with a hint of dark cherry.  Slightly spicy with a touch of grey pepper, licorice, and a touch of rose flower. The whole wine is very well balanced with a nice acidity and the tannins presence on the finish invites food pairings such as grilled red meat, white fish, cheese or simply as the sole wine of a meal.

Dry Creek Dry Chenin Blanc

A classic summertime sipper, our wonderfully crisp and refreshing Dry Chenin Blanc perfectly represents our love for this classic grape variety. In the glass, fragrant aromatics such as white peach, melon and citrus are immediately appealing. This vintage displays the classic Loire character of earth and crushed minerals that give the wine depth and nuance. There is an underlying chalky quality with some spicy undertones that really make this wine shine.


Phil 2014/9/10

Celebrate Oktoberfest at Cheers!

Join us as we sample this years crop of Oktoberfest beer and other seasonal selections.

Friday, September 12th 5:00-7:00 p.m. at Cheers Chanhassen (only)


Friday, September 19th 5:00-7:00 p.m. at Cheers Bloomington (only)


Were going to strike up the om-pah band and roll out the barrels! Hope to see you there!

Phil 2014/1/15


The deal with sulfites in wine
Those little words “Contains Sulfites” on the bottom of a label often stir up concern. What’s even more confusing is that the US is one of the only countries (along with Australia) that require bottles be labeled. So what gives? How much sulfites are in wine and how do they affect you? Time to get to the bottom of sulfites in wine and how they’re not as bad as you might think.
Are sulfites in wine bad?
Not for most people. Sulfites aren’t the cause of red wine headaches. There are some notable exceptions to this rule.
About 5-10% of people with asthma have severe sulfite sensitivity and thus the US requires labeling for sulfites above 10 parts per million (PPM). Sulfur is on the rise as a concern among humans as a cause of health problems (from migraines to body swelling) because of its prevalence in processed foods.
How much sulfur is in wine?
It depends.
Depending on the production method, style and the color of the wine, sulfites in wine range from no-added sulphur (10-40 PPM) to about 350 PPM. If you compare wine to other foods, it’s placed far lower on the spectrum. For example, many dry red wines have around 50 PPM.
·         Wines with lower acidity need more sulfur than higher acidity wines. At pH 3.6 and above, the sulfites needed is much higher because it’s an exponential ratio.
·         Wines with more color (i.e. red wines) need less sulfur than clear wines (i.e. white wines)
·         Wines with higher sugar content tend to need more sulfur to prevent secondary fermentation of the remaining sugar.
·         Wines that are warmer in temperature release free sulfur compounds (the nasty sulfur smell) and can be ‘fixed’ simply through decanting and chilling the wine.
Why are sulfites in wine?
Very simply, sulfites are a preservative to wine, which is a volatile food product (ever open a wine and it’s bad by the next day?). Wineries have been using sulfur around wine for a long time, as far back as the Roman times. Back in Roman times, winemakers would burn candles made of sulfur in empty wine containers (called Amphora) to keep the wines from turning to vinegar. Sulfur started to be used in winemaking (instead of just cleaning wine barrels) in the early 1900′s to stop bacteria and other yeasts from growing. It also helps in the extraction of pigments in wine, making red wines ‘redder’.
Can I smell sulfites in wine?
Very sensitive tasters have been noted to smell sulfites in wine at around 50 PPM. What’s interesting is that the warmer the wine, the more molecular sulfur it releases. This is why some wines have a nasty cooked-egg aroma when you open them. You can fix this issue by decanting your wine and chilling for about 15-30 minutes.
Should I be concerned about sulfites in wine?
If you have sensitivity to foods, you should absolutely try to eliminate sulfites from your diet. Eliminating wine could be necessary. Perhaps start your sulfur witch hunt with the obvious culprits (like processed foods) before you write-off wine.
Sulfur used in Roman wines mentioned in: Beckmann and Johnston et al. A History of Inventions and Discoveries (1846)
Phil 2013/11/18


Join us at Cheers Bloomington this Thursday November 21st from 4:00-6:00.
Andrew Hardgrove of the Wirtz Beverage Group will be on hand sampling Ponzi Tavola Pinot Noir
Ponzi Tavola Pinot Noir  - Willamette Valley Oregon
Aromas of crushed cherry, spiced rose petal, a hint of toasted vanilla and savory notes. The delicate mouth shows Italian plum with licorice and a velvety texture finishing bright with fine tannins. Luisa Ponzi, Winemaker
The fermentors were aerated or punched down twice a day, then lightly pressed just before dryness to ensure a softer, fruit-forward style. The wine was aged in French oak for 11 months (25 percent new). A barrel selection is made for Tavola, then racked and bottled by gravity without fining or filtration. This wine has been bottle-aged for five months before release.
Phil 2013/10/7


Holiday Wine Tastings

Bloomington Location
9340 Ensign Avenue South
Thursday, November 7th 6-8pm

Chanhassen Location
530 West 79th Street
Thursday, November 14th 6-8pm

Join us as we sample wine selections with a focus on holiday entertaining!