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Tuesday, 2 June 2020
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Phil 2011/2/14

Sorry this took so long to post, I was having technical difficulties..  -Phil

A Very Merry Rum Chata Christmas:

A Rum Chata Critique with the Thuenings

By Jennifer Thuening



          This holiday season I brought Rum Chata to share and sample after Christmas dinner.  It was a solid crowd pleaser.  Aunts, uncles, siblings, cousins, parents, and grandparents alike enjoyed this horchata and rum liqueur. 

The coffee, Rum Chata, Kahlua mixed drink with whipped cream on top was the most popular.  What better way to enjoy your after holiday dinner coffee?  It was hot, rich, strong cinnamon, and the unmistakable flavor of horchata.  Probably the best wintery drink I’ve ever had!  And it’s never bad to get a little reminder of the Mexican sunshine in the dead of Minnesota winter! My aunt Judy and her mother-in-law were very impressed by this drink as they didn’t much care for the Rum Chata by itself. 

Rum Chata mudslide was my dad’s favorite and it’s very easy to make: equal parts Rum Chata and Kahlua on the rocks.  I liked it (very chocolaty, surprisingly) but I think I’d garnish it with a couple of hazelnuts next time.  Or, maybe just add a dash of Frangelico!

If you love, love, LOVE horchata like I do (and actually know what it is already) you will really enjoy this liqueur. I liked it best just straight on the rocks.  It reminded me of the horchata I used to get from my friend Jose’s (who would never tell me the recipe!) family’s restaurant except with an alcohol bite.  I can’t say I could tell it was rum that was added, but Rum Chata is not the weakest liqueur in the world which, I think, is a sign of quality in any alcoholic beverage of this kind. The flavor of warm, cinnamony “rice water” really shone through.

            I will buy Rum Chata again…definitely.  This liqueur needs to make an appearance at the next girl’s night cocktail party and maybe the next big family gathering.  My relatives and I enjoyed trying something new this holiday season as we relaxed and conversed after a big dinner.  It’s the perfect drink to share with friends and family.

Phil 2011/1/17

Appleton Estate V/X Rum Review

Tyler Opitz

Let me start off by saying this is the best value rum I have ever tried.  I, like most, had only experienced Bacardi and Captain Morgan and they had both suited me fine, up until this point.  The benefit of the Appleton Estate however, is its balance and ability to accentuate other flavors that are blended with it.  The rum itself “is a blend of 15 different rums, all aged between five and ten years in used Jack Daniel’s oak casks. (” This creates very balanced rum that has an amber color right between white rum and dark rum.  The smell from the V/X is sweet with brown sugar and maple being the forefront of what I noticed.  However it has also been described as having “strong fruity notes of banana and orange peel, as well as molasses.  There’s a bit of a coppery scent riding on top of the other smells as well.  On the whole, the nose is full and powerful, very Jamaican. (” The taste however, was very different.  It wasn’t overly sweet like Captain Morgan sometimes can be, but was instead fruity and nutty with some of the vanilla/sugar coming through.  I would recommend this rum to anyone trying to find something new that works incredibly well when mixed, (it’s slightly too harsh to be a sipping rum) but still won’t break the bank.  At around 20$ bucks it does just that.

Try some of these recipes

Jamaican Mule                                                                         

Fill a lowball glass with ice

1.5 oz Appleton Estate Rum

Fill with Ginger Beer (Located at Cheers Wine and Spirits)


Elusive Redhead
1 ½ oz. Appleton Estate V/X Jamaica Rum
3 oz. Bloody Mary Mix (Try using your normal favorite or Zing Zang bloody mary mix located at Cheers)


Jamaican Ecstasy

In a highball glass, pour rum and cranberry juice over ice. Slowly add orange juice and garnish with an orange wedge.
1 ½ oz. Appleton Estate V/X Jamaica Rum
2 ½ oz. Cranberry Juice
3 ½ oz. Orange Juice


Classic Mojito

Add mint, ice and sugar into a Collins glass and muddle.  Then add the rum and lime juice and top with soda water.

1 teaspoon powdered sugar
Juice from 1 lime (2 ounces)
4 mint leaves
1 sprig of mint
Appleton Estate V/X Rum (2 ounces)
2 ounces club soda


Phil 2010/12/2

Berentzen Pear Schnapps Review

Jennifer T.(Chanhassen Store)


            I wanted to bring something new to Thanksgiving this year.  I was looking for a light, sweet after-dinner drink and got what I was hoping for with the Berentzen Pear schnapps. 

          Berentzen Pear was a hit with everyone who tried it.  It was a nice addition to the meal, fitting in nicely between the main course and dessert.  Some of my family drank it cold on the rocks while others cut it with a little club soda.  Feedback included comments like: “I don’t usually go for sweet stuff, but this isn’t bad!” and “Actually tastes like real pears.” and “This would be great in a martini!”

I was pleased with this schnapps and would buy it again.  I think it would make a wonderful addition to almost any clear rum or vodka based drink.  It is light, but rich in that it packs a huge taste without being heavy.  The pear flavors are tinged with honey and the overall impression is very sunny.  Another way I’d like to try it is in a mimosa or a belini.  Maybe a pear belini with Berentzen, brut champagne, and a little pear puree or a slice of pear on the rim…Mmmmmmm! I’m thinking about bringing it to a friend’s martini party this weekend!

Phil 2010/12/1


As you may have noticed all of our blog postings are submitted by a few folks at Cheers. Well we wanted to open up our blog to the entire staff so we invited everybody to review products from Cheers' vast inventory and submit that review for our blog. Below you will find our first submission from Chris G.
Now, to get the full effect you need to know a few things; everyone at cheers has their REAL name and their Cheers nickname, Chris G. was at one point the third person named Chris at Cheers so we named him “Vista” to alleviate confusion. This way we had “Chris”, “Chris 2.0”, and “Chris Vista”, eventually it got shortened simply to “Vista.” Vistas wife is Mrs. Vista, his kids are the little Vistas… you get the idea. Well for thanksgiving the (adult) Vistas enjoyed a bottle of Argyle reserve Pinot Noir 2007. So here you are, Vista review 1.0:
Here is my first wine review….as someone who typically drinks cheap wine I’m not very good at this, but hopefully I will get better with more practice.

Mrs. Vista and I had a bottle of 2007 Argyle Reserve Pinot Noir. Since I haven’t had much experience tasting good wines, I decided to compare and contrast it to one of the Vistas’ typical house wines (Barefoot Pinot noir, but I won’t tarnish Barefoot’s good name for the purposes of this review). Once I had them side-by-side the differences were remarkably noticeable. Everything about the Argyle was better….the color, the aroma, and especially the taste. Even though I’m not able to necessarily articulate what I liked about the Argyle, it was like night and day next to my house wine. The house wine looked, smelled and tasted cheap and generic, almost like grape juice compared to the better wine; the Argyle had a pretty ruby hue and had a bit of an oaky aroma. We tasted primarily cherries and black cherries; it was slightly spicy but not overpoweringly so. As someone who typically buys with the attitude “the $8 bottle is just as good as the $30 bottle”, I must admit that when given the opportunity to compare the two, it is quite obvious that you get what you pay for, at least in this case.