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Party Planner

Planning for a party can be challenging. Cheers Wine & Spirits offers this guide to help you enjoy a successful and fun party. Remember this is simply a guide. You know your guests better than we do.

A bachelor party will have different needs than an office party where the boss is present! Don't forget to average in crazy Uncle Larry and old Aunt Betsy. Larry's the guy that is never more than five feet from the bar, while Aunt Betsy will have one glass of white zinfandel all night.

*On the average; expect guests to drink 2 drinks the first hour, then 1 drink each hour thereafter. Remember, people drink more when the weather is warm.

*If you plan to serve bar drinks, you should allow 1 1/2 ounces of liquor for each drink. That means you'll get about 16 drinks from each 750-milliliter bottle (fifth) of liquor. Allow about a quart of mixer -- carbonated water, tonic water, or ginger ale -- for every 3 persons.

*When serving wine, plan on one 750-milliliter bottle for every two guests (one bottle for every 3 to 4 guests if the wine will be served only during a meal). If you prefer to buy the large 1.5-liter bottle of wine, it will serve 4 guests (6 to 8 guests if served only during a meal).

*When ordering beer for a party, allow about 12 ounces per guest for every half hour to hour. For a large crowd, you might want to buy a keg.

*Always have some alcohol free beverages on hand, for designated drivers. Besides having juices, bottled water, lemonade, soda and/or iced tea, consider alcohol free wine and beer. Here's a guide to help you start planning:

Spirits: (1.5 ounce servings): 16 drinks per 750 ml bottle

Wine: 750 ml bottle - One for every 3-4 guests 1.5 liter bottle - One for every 6 guests

Beer: 12 oz. per guest per hour Ice: 1 lb per person for every 3 hours

Mixers: 1 Quart for every 3 guest

Ice: 1 pound/person for every 3 hours

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